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The Perfect Modern Decor to Make Any Apartment Feel Like Home

Your apartment is your safe haven. It’s your place to rest and recharge. What better way to accomplish apartment-serenity than to incorporate modern decor?

Maybe you’re moving into your first apartment or maybe you’re just looking to update and upgrade your space. Either way, it’s time to create the perfect space for maximum relaxation.

We’ve come up with a few tips and tricks for the perfect way to achieve a modern and comfortable apartment.

Let’s jump in! Or should we say, move in?

Be Open to Open Storage Options

There are a lot of ways to approach the storage problem you may be facing.

When thinking about storage options, and especially the kitchen and bathroom, consider using an open storage plan.

This open storage concept is a trendy and updated way to make the clutter work in your favor. This alternative cabinet approach, if styled and positioned in the right way, can add color and variety to the atmosphere of your room.

Think about all of your cookbooks, mugs, pans, and just about anything else could quickly be turned from clutter to design-forward with an open concept approach.

Let the Light In

It’s time to ditch those basic blinds from the 90’s. A good way to bring a modern and sleek vibe to your space is to add some texture and drama to your windows.

Think about capitalizing on the textile trend by adding ceiling-to-floor curtains. This adds dimension to your space by giving it the appearance of more height. Depending on your apartments theme, you could pick airy sheer curtains that emphasize the ethereal vibe.

If your trend is more dramatic you should opt for heavier, thicker curtains. If thicker curtains are more your speed, tie them back in the middle to give them that dramatic glam touch that makes you feel like you live in a theatre.

If the rest of your space follows one or two color schemes, choose a complimentary statement color for your curtains. This is a great way to tie the whole room together and, if done correctly, can add just the right balance of light and drama to any modern space.

Going Green

In today’s world of modern decor, less is more.

When looking for furniture and accent pieces, try to stick to neutral colors. Two easy colors to pair are black and white. If using this color scheme, think of a ratio of 60-to-40.

If 60 percent of your decor is white and 40 percent is black, your room will give off the appeal of light and airy.

With neutrals as your base decor foundation, incorporate plants and greenery as your accent color. This natural addition of color into your space is a subtle yet striking way to give your space more of a modern feel.

Think of flowers, succulents, and anything green!

Make the Most of Modern Decor

When thinking about redoing your living space or moving into a new one, go in with a game plan. Think of your personal style and how your living space could compliment and emphasize it.

When you’re thinking of relocating, make sure you find an apartment that will align with your modern theme. Think of things like updated appliances, premium amenities, and sleek interiors.

If you’re on the hunt for an apartment that offers all those things, come check us out!

We’d love to discuss floor plans and options for you and your modern apartment. We look forward to hearing from you!

Have fun with your new modern space!

declutter challenge

Declutter Challenge: Tips for Decluttering Your Apartment

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to get rid of clutter? According to a 2011 study, a big part of the struggle has to do with viewing some objects as “me” rather than “mine.”

In other words, the things you just can’t seem to get rid of are most likely tied to who you are and your self-worth. If you value success, for example, you may find it hard to get rid of objects that represent achievements such as old college transcripts or plaques from old workplaces.

So if you’ve decided to take a declutter challenge to detox your apartment, know that it’s absolutely okay to feel conflicted about throwing stuff away. But don’t worry. There are ways to make the process easier.

Here, we’ll share our tried and tested tips for conquering the clutter in your home.

Be Honest During Your Declutter Challenge

Now, you may be wondering what honesty has to do with decluttering. But as we’ve said earlier, some items are hard to get rid of because they’re not just possessions. They’re tied to who you are or in some cases, the people you love.

The first thing you have to do then when you take on a declutter challenge is to question your reasoning. Are you holding on to an item because it genuinely makes you happy? Or are you keeping it just because you think you should?

If it’s the latter, you should throw it away. If you’re not sure, give it a month. If over the course of 30 days, you didn’t use that item even once, that just means it’s not essential enough to keep.

Use a Cheat Sheet

This might seem weird after all that talk about honesty. But having something like this is a great guide if you don’t know where or how to start decluttering.

There are also cheat sheets that follow the KonMari method and others that help you declutter in one weekend or less. Whatever guide you choose, the important thing is to commit to it. No excuses!

Know What to Let Go Of

Some items such as Christmas and holiday decorations or old items for sale don’t have to be thrown away. You can store them in your outdoor storage space if you have one.

But things like old magazines or expired makeup are just taking up valuable space in your apartment. Get rid of them, as well as dated spices, dead bulbs and batteries, electronics you don’t use, and hole-ridden clothing.

Don’t Get Burned Out

Yes, it’s a declutter challenge. But you don’t need to make it more challenging than it already is.

If you can’t declutter your whole apartment in one day. That’s okay. Spend at the most, 2 to 3 hours per room or space or per project.

Also, make sure you organize first before buying supplies like pretty boxes and baskets. Only buy containers you really need and those that will surely fit your apartment space.

Ready to Take the Declutter Challenge?

Great! Now all you need to do once you complete the challenge is to maintain it. Decluttering is not something you can do just once and forget about it.

If you liked our tips for decluttering, don’t forget to check out our other posts on Apartment Living.

Looking for a new home? Let us help you find the perfect apartment in Raleigh. Browse our site for more info.

4 Winter-Inspired Craft Cocktails

mulled wine winter cocktails

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, family and early evenings cozied up to the fire with a warm drink in hand. Merriment and seasonal refreshments help offset the colder and darker winter months. Whether enjoying a relaxing evening at home or entertaining guests, these holiday spirits are sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

Creamsicle Mimosa


  • 1 cup of orange juice
  • 1 tablespoon of heavy cream
  • 1 bottle of champagne or prosecco
  • Optional orange slices and ¼ cup of sugar, for garnishment

Directions: If desired, rim four champagne glasses with sugar. In a tall glass, mix the orange juice and heavy cream. Pour this mixture into the prepared champagne glasses. Top off with champagne or prosecco. Garnish with an orange slice.

Candy-Cane Martini


  • 2½ ounces of cranberry juice
  • 2 ounces of strawberry vodka
  • 4 dashes of white creme de menthe
  • Optional candy canes, for garnishment

Directions: Combine the cranberry juice, strawberry vodka and white creme de menthe in a cocktail shaker with ice. Mix well and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a small candy cane. Serves one.

Slow-Cooker Mulled Wine


  • 1 bottle of red wine
  • 1 cup of cranberry juice
  • 1 cup of apple cider
  • 1 cup of fresh cranberries
  • ¾ cup of sugar
  • 2 oranges, with peels and juice
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 tablespoon of whole cloves
  • 1 tablespoon of star anise

Directions: Place all of the ingredients in a slow cooker. Stir and cook on high until warm (about 30 minutes). Serves four.

Cranberry Mules


  • 3 ounces of ginger beer
  • 2 ounces of vodka
  • 2 ounces of cranberry juice
  • ¼ cup of lime juice
  • Optional fresh cranberries and lime wedge, for garnishment

Directions: Mix vodka, cranberry juice and lime juice in a mug filled with ice. Top with ginger beer. Garnish with cranberries and a lime wedge. Serves one.

These four craft cocktails are sure to warm up winter nights. To find the perfect apartment in Raleigh to entertain guests and serve these festive libations, call The Trestles to schedule a private tour.

Hosting a Friendsgiving in Your Apartment

thanksgiving tableThanksgiving is the perfect time to come together with family, but it can be even more enjoyable to enjoy time with friends. Get together with pals in Raleigh, NC by hosting your very own Friendsgiving. It’s pretty much the same as a traditional Thanksgiving except that you won’t have to deal with Grandpa’s jokes!

The perfect Friendsgiving starts with good planning. Here are some ideas:


Think about what types of food you want to serve. Many people stick with traditional favorites, but feel free to deviate from the norm. Ask your friends to bring a dish to pass so that you don’t have to worry about making enough food in your own kitchen. Slow cookers can keep food warm to save on oven space.


If it’s your first time cooking a turkey, read up on how to do it. Most frozen turkeys need to thaw a few days before Thanksgiving. The Butterball helpline will walk you through solutions to common problems.


Stock your fridge with the drinks your friends like. Wine, beer, and soda are almost always good choices. Drinks that come in individual servings are usually easier, but consider purchasing some plastic cups for faster clean-up if you’re making something like a punch.


You might not have the big dining room table that your parents have, but you can still find the space for your friends to enjoy their meal. A card table or two with some folding chairs can provide extra seating. Friends also may not mind eating while sitting on the floor or the sofa. Remember that sturdy plates are a necessity if you’re using non-traditional seating.

Serving and Clean-Up

Disposable plates, silverware, and napkins make for easy clean-up. Modern versions can even look close to real china and silverware. If you don’t have enough large spoons for serving, ask friends to bring some.

Your friends will love Friendsgiving in your new Raleigh apartment at the Trestles. Come take a look at our floor plans to see how great they are for entertaining!


3 Fun Homemade Halloween Treats

pumpkin stemThe best part of Halloween might not be the spooky costumes. That’s because the treats are awesome. Here are three homemade Halloween treat ideas we hope will inspire our Trestles residents in Raleigh, NC.

Halloween Rice Crisp Treats

It seems like any excuse is a good excuse to make rice crisp treats, especially Halloween. If you haven’t done these before, you’ll need 4 cups of mini marshmallows, 5 cups of rice crisp cereal and ¼ cup of butter, as well as orange and black food coloring. Over mild heat, melt the butter and marshmallows in a saucepan. Once liquid, mix in the crisp cereal until well blended. Butter a 13×9-inch pan and firmly and evenly press the mixture into the pan. Take your food coloring and create spooky designs. Keep in mind the size of each treat that you will slice out later. Serve cool.

Ghost Treats

It wouldn’t be Halloween without ghosts. Gather a 12-ounce package of white chocolate, two dozen peanut-shaped peanut butter sandwich cookies, wax paper and four dozen mini chocolate chips.

Microwave the white chocolate on low for 1 minute. Stir and heat for 30-second intervals, until it is warm and liquified. Remove, and dip cookies into white chocolate and place on wax paper. Position two chocolate chips for eyes while still warm. Let harden for about 20 minutes and serve.

Chocolate Monster Bites

If you are going to have ghosts in attendance, you will need monsters. These home-baked cookies are a frightening chocolate treat and take a little more than an hour to prepare, with a couple of hours of wait time. Gather together 1 ½ cups of 60 percent chopped chocolate, 1 cup of heavy cream, 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter (room temp) and six jumbo marshmallows. And, one bag of your favorite chocolate chip cookies.

Put the chocolate in a heat-safe bowl. Bring the heavy cream to a quick, brief boil in a saucepan over medium heat. Pour over the chocolate and stir until soft. Whisk in butter while still warm. Cover, and let stand until room temperature, but still soft enough to manipulate. Expect 2-4 hours.

Spoon chocolate mixture onto the flat side of a cookie. Top with another and repeat. Slice tiny marshmallow triangles for teeth and press into the chocolate. Take the remainder of your marshmallows and microwave 30 seconds at a time, with stirring breaks until soft. Dab on circular white marshmallow eye bases. Insert one chocolate chip into each eye socket. Let cool and serve.

We hope our Trestles community members enjoy these DIY Halloween treat ideas. If you or a friend would like more information about our Raleigh apartments, call us today!

N.C. Museum of History Exhibits

people in museum

The North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh offers an amazing glimpse into the past that teaches us so much about today’s culture. Fortunately for our Trestles residents, the facility is only about 7 miles away and has several important exhibits on display right now.

North Carolina and World War I

It’s been more than 100 years since the start of WWI and Tar Heel soldiers played a significant role in the “War to End All Wars.” The interactive exhibit helps visitors experience what trench warfare was like on the Western Front of France and Belgium. There are about 500 pieces of history on display including video battle re-enactments.

The Story of North Carolina

The United States has been around for less than 250 years. But this locally focused exhibit helps walk history buffs through 14,000 years of North Carolina history. The largest ever state exhibit showcases numerous artifacts, dioramas and a pair of full-sized houses. Although there are plenty of material items, the focus stays on the people who shaped the region.

Photographs by Hugh Morton: An Uncommon Retrospective

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s true, then Hugh Morton’s breathtaking images tell the story of eight decades of North Carolinians. Some of the popular pictures include recording artist Johnny Cash holding up an American Flag, Dr. Lynn Rogers with a black bear and Cherokee dancers. The wide range of landscapes, people, nature and sports photographs provide a rare perspective about 20th Century North Carolina.

1903 Wright Flyer and 1911 Wright Glider

In a nod that North Carolina was First in Flight, the museum temporarily houses the 1903 Wright Flyer reproduction from the Wright Brothers National Memorial Visitor Center. The aircraft has been elevated to 12 feet, the actual height of their first step into flight. The reproduction is expected to remain prominently displayed until the visitor center completes renovation in 2018.

The North Carolina Museum of History has a variety of other exhibits that include themes such as Miss North Carolina, American Red Cross, 1920’s Drugstore, Tar Heel Junior Historian Association and the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame. Admission is free and the museum is open every day except some major holidays. For more information, call (919) 807-7900.

We hope our Trestles community members take an opportunity to visit the nearby museum. If you or a friend would like more information about our Raleigh apartments, call us today.

The Best Food Trucks in Raleigh

outdoor grilling area

Raleigh offers some of the best restaurants in the south, including those that are always on the move! Living in Raleigh apartments provides a broad range of conveniences, including options when it comes to cuisines and food trucks. The trick is to track down a local favorite. Here are a few food trucks in Raleigh that you should visit:

Baozi Food Truck

This foodie paradise is a mobile kitchen whose specialty is Asian fusion food. It produces different steamed buns called Bao’s filled with a variety of fillings and sides. Indulge your taste buds in the bursting flavor of spiced fillings with an Asian twist.

Big Mikes BBQ

Keep an eye out for this mobile red barbecue barn that covers the whole Raleigh area. It specializes in delicacies such as NC barbecue, pulled pork, chopped smoked chicken and smoked brisket. It’s food associate, the brick-and-mortar restaurant in Cary, shares in the same variety. Do not miss out on all things smoked and barbecued with this gem!


This ‘que on wheels offers some of the best eastern-style barbecues in the area. As the name suggests, it specializes a variety of chicken dishes and serves North Carolina-raised ostrich burgers. You can also stop by the Chick-N-Que’s permanent location in Rolesville.

Cousins Maine Lobster

This famous local favorite is a food truck that dishes out fresh Maine seafood. The Cousins Maine Lobster is perhaps best known for being a Shark Tank-affiliated company, who features a diverse lobster menu with everything from lobster rolls, lobster pies, lobster cakes and lobster tails!


D’Burritos is a food truck that specializes in upscale fresh Mexican cuisine. It serves burritos, tacos, and salads just as the name suggests, and is always a great option for a tasty meal on the go!

Your mouth is probably watering right now at the delicious variety of cuisines at your disposal near our Raleigh apartments. Contact us today to find all that The Trestles has to offer our residents, and get ready to chow down!

Mouthwatering Watermelon Recipes

slice of watermelonNothing tastes better on a sunny, summer day than a cold slice of watermelon. Here are three of our favorite new watermelon recipes to try this summer.

Something to Sip: Watermelon Bellini

●      1 lime

●      2 or 3 tbsp. coarse sugar

●      3 cups frozen, seedless watermelon

●      1 cup chilled sparkling grape juice

●      2 tbsp. sugar

●      Pinch of salt

Half your lime. Use one half to rub the rims of cocktail glasses, dip rims in coarse sugar to coat. Blend frozen watermelon, 1 cup chilled sparkling grape juice, sugar, salt and juice squeezed from half of your lime. Blend until smooth, pour into prepared glasses and top with more sparkling grape juice.

A Fresh Summer Starter: Tomato and Watermelon Salad

●      5 cups watermelon cubes

●      1 ½ lbs. tomatoes (cut into small cubes)

●      3 tsp. sugar

●      ½ tsp. salt

●      1 small red onion, quartered, sliced thin

●      ½ cup red wine vinegar

●      ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

Combine watermelon and tomatoes in a big bowl and sprinkle with salt and sugar. Toss and let stand for 15 minutes. Stir in vinegar, oil and onion, then cover and chill for 2 hours. Serve with fresh cracked black pepper.

Sweet and Savory Appetizer: Herbed Goat Cheese Melon Bites

●      1 small watermelon

●      1 4 oz. goat cheese log

●      2 tbsp. basil, chopped

●      ½ tsp. salt

●      ¼ tsp. fresh ground pepper

Cut half watermelon into inch thick slices, then cut into rounds. Mix goat cheese, basil, salt and pepper and spoon onto watermelon rounds. Chill 1-2 hours.

We hope everyone in our Raleigh apartments community enjoys this sweet summer season! If you’re in search of a welcoming new home in North Carolina this summer, we invite you to contact our office today to find out which floor plans we currently have available.

Refreshing Summer Drinks to Try

refreshing summer drinkThe summer heat is on, and with it comes a powerful thirst. Hot summer temperatures can creep into the 90’s, and it’s hard to escape that heat. Whether searching for apartments in Raleigh or just running errands about town, it’s always great to take a break from the heat to enjoy a cool, refreshing drink. Here are three we highly recommend!

3 Refreshing Summer Drinks

Coffee Slushie: If you’re looking for a quick morning pick-me-up on a scorching day, this is your drink. In a blender, add one tablespoon of instant coffee, one cup of ice cubes, 1/2 cup of milk and two tablespoons of sugar. Blend on high until the ice is crushed, and pour into two cups. Serve immediately.

Lemonade Mint Julep: Here’s a new twist on an old favorite. In a heat-proof pitcher, mix eight cups of boiling water with one packet of Crystal Light lemonade. Stir in one cup of mint leaves. Allow to stand at room temperature for one hour, then strain. Refrigerate for later, or serve immediately over crushed ice.

Sparkling Pineapple-Lime Punch: Need a quick specialty drink for a large group? Use this recipe! In a punch bowl, mix one bunch of fresh mint (no stems) with two packages of Kool-Aid Lemon-Lime Flavor Unsweetened Drink Mix. Add in eight cups of chilled pineapple juice, and stir until mixes are dissolved. Stir in one two-liter bottle of chilled carbonated lemon-lime soda. Toss in one sliced lemon and/or lime.

Of course, drinks are best when served amongst friends in a beautiful apartment like those available at The Trestles in Raleigh. These northeastern Raleigh apartments are conveniently located near shops, grocery stores and restaurants. Residents enjoy two swimming pools, a 24-hour fitness center and access to two clothing care centers. Our one- or two-bedroom apartments all feature bay windows and private patios or balconies, with some apartment homes featuring more amenities like fireplaces and walk-in closets. Contact our office today to see which floor plan is best for you!

Stop by Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts

Performer in TheaterIf you’re looking for things to do this May and June, Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts has plenty to offer. The center’s calendar is filled with amazing shows, concerts and more. These are just some of the upcoming events that are taking place.

Russian Nights – North Carolina Symphony Classical Series

This concert features 2016 Grammy-winning violinist Augustin Hadelich playing Tchaikovsky’s “Violin Concerto” while Grant Llewellyn conducts. Other pieces by Rodion Shchedrin and Shostakovich will also be performed. Performances take place on May 19 and May 20 at 8:00 p.m. at Meymandi Concert Hall.

Matilda the Musical – Broadway Series South and North Carolina Theatre

This Tony Award-winning musical, which is based on Roald Dahl’s novel, has played to packed auditoriums on Broadway and the West End in London. Raleigh residents now have a chance to see this heartwarming show in person. The charming Matilda the Musical comes to Memorial Auditorium from May 23 through May 28 for evening and matinee performances.

The Music of Prince – North Carolina Symphony

Prince fans can head to Meymandi Concert Hall for an evening filled with the artist’s songs. The North Carolina Symphony will be paying tribute to Prince with a Music of Prince concert on June 7 at 7:30 p.m. Fans can expect to hear a number of Prince classics performed by this talented symphony orchestra.

Louie Anderson – Bob Nocek Presents

For a night of laughter, make plans to attend Louie Anderson’s show at Fletcher Opera Theater on June 15th at 8 p.m. The award-winning comedian and best-selling author will be entertaining the audience with his down-to-earth brand of comedy. Anderson has been a stand-up comedian for the past 30 years.

Our apartments in Raleigh, NC is close to everything the city has to offer, with convenient access to Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts. Contact us for more information about our community and available floor plans!