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The Perfect Modern Decor to Make Any Apartment Feel Like Home

Your apartment is your safe haven. It’s your place to rest and recharge. What better way to accomplish apartment-serenity than to incorporate modern decor?

Maybe you’re moving into your first apartment or maybe you’re just looking to update and upgrade your space. Either way, it’s time to create the perfect space for maximum relaxation.

We’ve come up with a few tips and tricks for the perfect way to achieve a modern and comfortable apartment.

Let’s jump in! Or should we say, move in?

Be Open to Open Storage Options

There are a lot of ways to approach the storage problem you may be facing.

When thinking about storage options, and especially the kitchen and bathroom, consider using an open storage plan.

This open storage concept is a trendy and updated way to make the clutter work in your favor. This alternative cabinet approach, if styled and positioned in the right way, can add color and variety to the atmosphere of your room.

Think about all of your cookbooks, mugs, pans, and just about anything else could quickly be turned from clutter to design-forward with an open concept approach.

Let the Light In

It’s time to ditch those basic blinds from the 90’s. A good way to bring a modern and sleek vibe to your space is to add some texture and drama to your windows.

Think about capitalizing on the textile trend by adding ceiling-to-floor curtains. This adds dimension to your space by giving it the appearance of more height. Depending on your apartments theme, you could pick airy sheer curtains that emphasize the ethereal vibe.

If your trend is more dramatic you should opt for heavier, thicker curtains. If thicker curtains are more your speed, tie them back in the middle to give them that dramatic glam touch that makes you feel like you live in a theatre.

If the rest of your space follows one or two color schemes, choose a complimentary statement color for your curtains. This is a great way to tie the whole room together and, if done correctly, can add just the right balance of light and drama to any modern space.

Going Green

In today’s world of modern decor, less is more.

When looking for furniture and accent pieces, try to stick to neutral colors. Two easy colors to pair are black and white. If using this color scheme, think of a ratio of 60-to-40.

If 60 percent of your decor is white and 40 percent is black, your room will give off the appeal of light and airy.

With neutrals as your base decor foundation, incorporate plants and greenery as your accent color. This natural addition of color into your space is a subtle yet striking way to give your space more of a modern feel.

Think of flowers, succulents, and anything green!

Make the Most of Modern Decor

When thinking about redoing your living space or moving into a new one, go in with a game plan. Think of your personal style and how your living space could compliment and emphasize it.

When you’re thinking of relocating, make sure you find an apartment that will align with your modern theme. Think of things like updated appliances, premium amenities, and sleek interiors.

If you’re on the hunt for an apartment that offers all those things, come check us out!

We’d love to discuss floor plans and options for you and your modern apartment. We look forward to hearing from you!

Have fun with your new modern space!

declutter challenge

Declutter Challenge: Tips for Decluttering Your Apartment

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to get rid of clutter? According to a 2011 study, a big part of the struggle has to do with viewing some objects as “me” rather than “mine.”

In other words, the things you just can’t seem to get rid of are most likely tied to who you are and your self-worth. If you value success, for example, you may find it hard to get rid of objects that represent achievements such as old college transcripts or plaques from old workplaces.

So if you’ve decided to take a declutter challenge to detox your apartment, know that it’s absolutely okay to feel conflicted about throwing stuff away. But don’t worry. There are ways to make the process easier.

Here, we’ll share our tried and tested tips for conquering the clutter in your home.

Be Honest During Your Declutter Challenge

Now, you may be wondering what honesty has to do with decluttering. But as we’ve said earlier, some items are hard to get rid of because they’re not just possessions. They’re tied to who you are or in some cases, the people you love.

The first thing you have to do then when you take on a declutter challenge is to question your reasoning. Are you holding on to an item because it genuinely makes you happy? Or are you keeping it just because you think you should?

If it’s the latter, you should throw it away. If you’re not sure, give it a month. If over the course of 30 days, you didn’t use that item even once, that just means it’s not essential enough to keep.

Use a Cheat Sheet

This might seem weird after all that talk about honesty. But having something like this is a great guide if you don’t know where or how to start decluttering.

There are also cheat sheets that follow the KonMari method and others that help you declutter in one weekend or less. Whatever guide you choose, the important thing is to commit to it. No excuses!

Know What to Let Go Of

Some items such as Christmas and holiday decorations or old items for sale don’t have to be thrown away. You can store them in your outdoor storage space if you have one.

But things like old magazines or expired makeup are just taking up valuable space in your apartment. Get rid of them, as well as dated spices, dead bulbs and batteries, electronics you don’t use, and hole-ridden clothing.

Don’t Get Burned Out

Yes, it’s a declutter challenge. But you don’t need to make it more challenging than it already is.

If you can’t declutter your whole apartment in one day. That’s okay. Spend at the most, 2 to 3 hours per room or space or per project.

Also, make sure you organize first before buying supplies like pretty boxes and baskets. Only buy containers you really need and those that will surely fit your apartment space.

Ready to Take the Declutter Challenge?

Great! Now all you need to do once you complete the challenge is to maintain it. Decluttering is not something you can do just once and forget about it.

If you liked our tips for decluttering, don’t forget to check out our other posts on Apartment Living.

Looking for a new home? Let us help you find the perfect apartment in Raleigh. Browse our site for more info.

Hosting a Friendsgiving in Your Apartment

thanksgiving tableThanksgiving is the perfect time to come together with family, but it can be even more enjoyable to enjoy time with friends. Get together with pals in Raleigh, NC by hosting your very own Friendsgiving. It’s pretty much the same as a traditional Thanksgiving except that you won’t have to deal with Grandpa’s jokes!

The perfect Friendsgiving starts with good planning. Here are some ideas:


Think about what types of food you want to serve. Many people stick with traditional favorites, but feel free to deviate from the norm. Ask your friends to bring a dish to pass so that you don’t have to worry about making enough food in your own kitchen. Slow cookers can keep food warm to save on oven space.


If it’s your first time cooking a turkey, read up on how to do it. Most frozen turkeys need to thaw a few days before Thanksgiving. The Butterball helpline will walk you through solutions to common problems.


Stock your fridge with the drinks your friends like. Wine, beer, and soda are almost always good choices. Drinks that come in individual servings are usually easier, but consider purchasing some plastic cups for faster clean-up if you’re making something like a punch.


You might not have the big dining room table that your parents have, but you can still find the space for your friends to enjoy their meal. A card table or two with some folding chairs can provide extra seating. Friends also may not mind eating while sitting on the floor or the sofa. Remember that sturdy plates are a necessity if you’re using non-traditional seating.

Serving and Clean-Up

Disposable plates, silverware, and napkins make for easy clean-up. Modern versions can even look close to real china and silverware. If you don’t have enough large spoons for serving, ask friends to bring some.

Your friends will love Friendsgiving in your new Raleigh apartment at the Trestles. Come take a look at our floor plans to see how great they are for entertaining!


3 Ideas for Winter Centerpieces

CandleIf you enjoy beautiful housing in a scenic yet easily accessible area then the Trestles Apartments in Raleigh is sure to suit your tastes. Both one and two bedroom apartments are available and aesthetic amenities include fireplaces, balconies and vaulted ceilings.

At the same time, no place is really home until you’ve decorated it for the season. Here are three ideas for winter centerpieces that may suit your fancy.


Candles make excellent centerpieces and they can be used in a variety of ways. A candle in a metallic lantern is great if you want a centerpiece with a traditional feel. Other alternatives include having several tea candles floating in a bowl of water or placing a large candle in a glass tray and decorating the tray with pine sprigs, pine cones and/or holly.


Baubles can convey a large variety of sentiments. Gold and silver are elegant and classy while orange and red have a warm, autumnal feeling. Hot pink and blue give a room a lively flair while green and red are traditional December colors. Place the baubles in a glass container and watch them transform your living or dining room area.


Floral arrangements make lovely centerpieces. You can use either real or fake flowers; however, fake flowers are the best option if you suffer from allergies and/or want a long-lasting centerpiece. Choose flowers that match with room’s overall style of decor and the holiday sentiments you want to convey. At the same time, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and choose an original arrangement that reflects your unique personality.

The Trestles has much to offer anyone who is looking for a new home. The community is near local schools and shopping centers, has flexible lease terms and offers a playground, swimming pools, on-site clothing care centers and other amenities. Give us a call to find out more or take a tour of the grounds.

4 Ways to Decorate Your Apartment for Fall

One of the best ways to freshen up apartments in Raleigh, NC is to change their decor on a seasonal basis. This can be done on any scale, so there’s no need to invest a large amount of money to get the right effect. Here are some ideas for fall that range from minor accents all the way to full-scale makeovers:

Add Table Accents

Give fall centerpieces a fresh take by exchanging typical orange pumpkins for white ones and using fresh fall flowers instead of dried summer varieties. If you would rather use dried flowers for their longevity, choose a less-common type like hydrangeas.

To bring the look to your entire apartment, use smaller versions of the same display on your accent tables. A votive candleholder surrounded by bits of fall flowers will spread the theme well.

Put a Fall Wreath on the Door

Colorful leaves and pinecones are the most common elements for these, but there’s no need for them to be so traditional. Try wood slices, dried flowers and other elements for a fresher look.

Buy a Rug with Fall Colors

If you want a bigger effect than accents can bring, try a large rug in subdued oranges and browns. This will certainly change the look of your apartment and make it far more seasonal. The only caveat is to make sure you have a place to store it once the season ends.

Change Every Room

A full fall makeover doesn’t stop with the living room floor. In the bedroom, change your blankets, comforters and decorative pillow covers for ones with fall colors and themes. Add some fall-colored leaves around the bathroom mirror. If you use throws on the living room furniture, change them to fall colors too.

To see our available apartments and envision how you can decorate them for fall, just stop by our office. We’ll be glad to give you a tour.

How to Decorate Your Private Patio or Balcony

Decorating doesn’t necessarily come naturally for some people, but thankfully we all have plenty of opportunities to get better at it. Even if it’s not your favorite activity, it can’t be denied that you feel better in your own skin when you surround yourself with the colors and objects you love. Patios sometimes get passed over, as you can see by looking at some of the apartments in Raleigh, so we’ll give you some tips to get yours back in shape.

Grab Some Crates

Wooden crates are a fun and inexpensive way to create seating on your balcony, and they provide spaces for plants or vases. You can use them as seating with throw pillows and blankets, or prop up your favorite weather-resistant items and use the crates as a table. To make the crates impervious to rain, just put a wood stain on them before you set them outside. You can use plastic crates as well, but you’ll miss out on the rustic feel if you use plastic over wood. You can also make your own cushions to keep yourself comfortable when you’re out there so you can save the blankets for your lap.

Make Use of Herbs

If you like to cook, this is probably the most fun and practical way to decorate your balcony. Keep your favorites in hanging plants out on the balcony, and you’ll come to associate your balcony with all of the yummy meals you’ll make in your apartment. For some extra fun, you can eat outside amidst all of the delicious smells. If you’re not a big cook, then you can use flowers instead of herbs.

The Trestles are the best Raleigh apartments has to offer, and each apartment comes with its own private patio or balcony. If you would like to learn more about our availability and many other amenities, we invite you to give us a call for more information today!

5 Easy and Beautiful Ways to Decorate For Summer

It’s gorgeous outside, and if you had your way, you’d be in the great outdoors constantly until the end of the summer season. However, with the right furniture, decor, and linens, your Raleigh apartment can become a true summer haven. Struggling to find inspiration? Implement these simple decorating suggestions:

Easy Summer Decorating Tips

  • Wreaths are no longer just for the holiday season. Capture the best of the great outdoors with a summer wreath, which you can hang on your wall or on the door. Wreaths can feature live or fake flowers, but for a more summery vibe, include plenty of greens. For a unique, beachy take on the wreath concept, adorn a DIY wreath with seashells.
  • Colorful summer linens. Forget the heavy linens and dark colors of winter; the summer months are all about cotton and other lightweight linens. The more colorful the linens in your household, the better. When in doubt, opt for green and blue hues that reflect the grass, the sky, and the water.
  • Patio-style furniture and accessories. Bring the patio concept indoors with bamboo and wicker furniture, which is simultaneously chic and affordable — and super comfortable.
  • Beachy decor. Are you eager to feel the sand beneath your toes but unable to fit a beach trip in your busy schedule? Recreate the splendor of the beach with nautical or shell-infused decor.
  • Paper lanterns. During the day, the more light you can let in your apartment, the better. At night, however, you can bring the summer vibe inside with the help of paper lanterns. These will remind you of chilling outside with a beer at your favorite restaurant patio.

Summer fun is never far away at The Trestles, where you can chill on your private patio, hang out at the pool, or simply gaze out your beautiful bay windows. Reach out at your earliest convenience to learn more about our apartments and amenities.

5 Strength-Training Moves You Can Do at Home or on the Go

Building up your body strength offers a number of benefits, including stronger bones and muscles, greater stamina and improved focus. If you have trouble finding time to head to the gym regularly, try doing these strength-training moves at home, at work or when you’re on the go.

Bicep Curls

Hold a pair of dumbbells at each side, then slowly raise them up to your chest while keeping your elbows bent. Do 10 to 12 at a time with each arm to strengthen your upper arms. You can also hold canned goods or other heavy objects in each hand if you don’t have dumbbells with you.

Single Leg Squats

Stand on one leg, then lower your body slowly. Move back into a standing position, then switch to the other leg to make the muscles in both legs stronger.


Lie on the floor on your stomach and raise your arms over your head. Lift your legs and arms off the floor, then hold that position for about 5 seconds to strengthen your torso.

Box Dips

Start in a sitting position with your hands facing forward and resting on a box or table behind you. Keep your feet on the floor, then lower your body. Your arms should end up at right angles to it. This helps make your arm muscles stronger.

Bicycle Crunches

Lie on your back and lift your legs until they’re at a right angle to your body. Move your legs as though you’re riding a bicycle to give your leg muscles a good workout.

If you’re working on getting in shape for summer, this is a great time to start doing these strength-training exercises. At The Trestles, you can do these moves in the comfort of your spacious apartment or in our on-site 24-hour fitness center. Contact us for more information on our apartments in Raleigh.


What to Store in Your Outdoor Storage Space

Finding an apartment that offers its residents an outdoor storage space is kind of like finding a pot of gold. It is, however, important to know what kinds of things to store in an outdoor storage space. The following list provides examples of the types of items best stored in an outdoor space.
1) Christmas and holiday decorations. Since people only decorate their homes with Christmas decorations once a year, they don’t need access to these decorations regularly. It is best to store them in an outdoor unit, where they will be safely tucked out of the way. These items include Christmas trees, wreaths, strings of lights, and yard decorations.

2) Memory boxes. Many people keep memory boxes filled with treasured items from loved ones. Although they are precious, they are also items that people do not pull out very often. By keeping these boxes in an outdoor storage space, that leaves room within the house for items that are accessed more often.

3) Yard tools and machinery. Outdoor storage spaces aren’t just for rarely-used items. They also are a perfect spot for yard tools and machinery that are used outdoors and that are difficult to clean. Rather than try to store them inside and make a mess in the process, the outdoor unit is a great place to put them. These kinds of items include such things as lawn mowers, shovels, blowers, potting soil, and rakes.

4) Extra chairs and tables. Many people enjoy hosting parties at their homes, but they don’t want to keep the extra chairs and tables lying out during the times they aren’t hosting parties. Outdoor storage spaces are a really good place to store chairs and tables by keeping them out of site when not needed.

5) Old items for sale. When people buy new things to replace the old, they often look for a place to donate or sell the old items to, rather than throwing them away. People can keep old items out in the storage shed until they find a new home for them.


5 Ways to Use Seashells in Home Decorating

Getting the opportunity to visit the beach usually means a day of sunshine, leisure, and fun in the ocean. Many of us also have the habit of collecting a wide variety of seashells along the shoreline. We collect them for one simple reason – they’re beautiful to look at and each one has something unique about it.

However, most of us just end up throwing them away because we don’t know what to do with them after a certain point in time. Yet, seashells can be very useful, and if you have a creative mind, you can use them in many ways to decorate your apartment. Plus, they don’t cost a penny.

Here are 5 ways in which seashells can be useful as decorating your living space.

Seashell Jar

If you can find an old glass jar or canister, just fill it up with seashells and maybe even some starfish. Get a sand dollar, and mark it with the name of the location from which you found the seashells. Use a metallic, permanent marker so that the writing stays and looks nice. Your seashell souvenir is now ready. All you have to do now is find the perfect place to display it.

Multipurpose Displays

If you find large shells such as conches or sea biscuits, you can use them for a couple of display options. Put them into your home office or in your work space as paperweights. Also, arrange them atop your dinner table or kitchen counters as beachy decorations. They’ll look cool and your sea shell collection won’t go to waste.

Photo Frame

Using a plain picture frame that you already have or purchasing some new ones with solid, thick frames, you can dress them up by supergluing your collected seashells onto the frame. Insert a photo of you and your loved ones from your day at the beach.

Jewelry Holder

You can use this to place your jewelry or even your watch before going to bed. All you need to do is turn a large shell upside down and place it on your bedside table. It’s that simple.