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These Fun Apps will Motivate You to Get to The Tresles Fitness Center

A happier, healthier lifestyle can be enjoyed by everyone who leases our apartments in Raleigh with a fitness center. If you consider working out to be a chore, think about changing your mindset.

Young lady running on a rural road during sunsetSource: istockphoto

Getting active is actually very enjoyable and could boost the mood, as well as help you reach your target weight and live a longer life. The following fun fitness apps will make working out a pleasant pastime:

  • Zombies, Run! – Are you a fan of zombie movies and video games? If so, you’ll get a thrill as you join a zombie survivor camp and complete tasks, such as gathering supplies, whilst listening to a pre-compiled playlist.
  • Nexercise – Your physical movements will be tracked by this app, which will motivate you to burn calories. When points are earned, they can be exchanged for gift cards at local stores!
  • Pact – Having a workout buddy will inspire you to get active, so use Pact to make an agreement  with other app users for achieving healthy eating and exercise goals.

If you want to have easy access to fitness amenities, our apartments in Raleigh with a fitness center would suit your needs. Contact us at The Trestles to apply for residency today.

How to Breathe Easier in Your Raleigh Apartment

The Triangle region is beautiful. Unlike high-developed industrial cities, Raleigh-Durham is surrounded by trees, green space and tons of natural beauty. However, one of the drawbacks of this lush scenery is that hay fever and allergies are a problem for many people who live here.

indoor breathing
The woman of the house inhales the scent of orange lilies standing in a vaseSource: istockphoto

Here are a few tips to breathe easier in your Raleigh apartment:

  • Keep your windows shut at all times. While a fresh breeze is wonderful, it can also cover your apartment with a layer of pollen. Use your air conditioning to keep your apartment cool and fresh.
  • Eliminate items that can hold pollen and dust.This includes rugs, drapes, pillows, and other fabrics. Less is more, so embrace a minimalist decor.
  • Thoroughly wash your bedding on a regular basis.
  • Change air conditioning filters on a monthly basis.
  • Clean the area under your sinks regularly. This area grows mold very easily, so it is in your best interest to keep it sparkling clean.
  • When you are done with your shower allow the fan to run for a few minutes to dry the room out. Keep mold and mildew to a minimum by adhering to a regular cleaning schedule.

Our apartments in Raleigh are just minutes from Downtown Raleigh. Contact us today at The Trestles to learn more about living in our community.

5 Cool Ways to Display Fresh Flowers in Your Apartment

Fresh flowers in your The Trestles apartment home in downtown Raleigh not only look pretty, but can make you feel good every time you see them. They add to the ambiance of a home and are easy to incorporate into your space.

A mason jar with flowers in itSource: istockphoto

If you’re looking to bring fresh flowers into a home, make note of the following apartment decorating tips:

  • Place a few large blooms that are long stemmed into a pitcher or a vase. While simple and minimal, it can look professional.
  • A single bloom put in a bud vase can look right at home.
  • For an alternative to a vase, tie a bouquet together at the stems and place in a shallow tray with some water.
  • For a beautiful centerpiece, place flowering branches in a clear, glass vase. A bouquet of flowers that are all the same also make a wonderful and simple centerpiece.
  • If you would like to add depth to your flower arrangement, go with greens and flowers that are from similar color families. To tailor the look, opt for a vase that matches your flowers.

Are you searching for a place to call home just a few miles outside of downtown Raleigh? If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to contact us at The Trestles to learn more about our community.

Tips for Creating a Better Grocery Budget in Raleigh

How much money do you spend on a typical grocery shop? The average U.S. household spends 13 percent of their income on edibles and household essentials every year. Based on research gathered by the USDA’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, a family of four will spend $786 per month on groceries!

grocery shopping
Woman wearing a green shirt is checking a tray of frozen meat in a supermarket Source: istockphoto

Despite this, it is possible to slash your monthly expenditure with some simple budget advice. Here are some apartment living tips to help you create an affordable grocery budget:

  1. Plan Each Week – Decide what you will eat ahead of the weekly grocery shop. Not only will this help you stick to a monthly budget but also, it will prevent unnecessary purchases and food waste.
  2. Prioritize Purchases – Sure, that blender might be on sale or that outfit is really in this season, but what do you need the most? Name your priorities and stick to them.
  3. Don’t Eat Out – Instead of dining at expensive restaurants, recreate the menus in an affordable way from the comfort of your own apartment!

You can try out our apartment living tips in a one, two or three-bedroom property at The Trestles community. To check availability for our rental spaces, contact us today to tour our Raleigh apartments.

Why Living Alone in an Apartment is Awesome

one-bedroom apartments in Raleigh NC
Living alone is a great experience for some individuals. Source: marin via

Living in a one-bedroom apartment in Raleigh, NC at The Trestles can be a wonderful experience. After all, there are a lot of reasons why living alone is so great.

  • Decorate exactly how you want to decorate. Who cares if it is a little out of the ordinary as long as you love it.
  • Clean as you would like, or be as messy as you would like (within reason).
  • The entire bed is yours, so you can sleep smack dab in the middle of it.
  • Use your space for hobbies and passions without feeling guilty. After all, there’s no need to apologize for your hobby taking over the living room when you’re the only one who calls the space home.
  • Living alone can be a great way to embrace an active social life. For instance, if you have a roommate, you might be tempted to stay home and hang out with him or her rather than hitting the town.

Searching for a one-bedroom apartment in Raleigh, NC? If so, make sure to contact us to us for detailed information about our luxury apartment community and our wonderful amenities.

Be More Eco-Friendly with these DIY Cleaners

Cleaning your apartment is a necessary part of daily life. Unfortunately, a lot of the cleaning agents we use are terrible for the environment. Here are a few eco-friendly apartment living tips to help you be more green and make your own cleaners.

A girl holding a feather duster Source: Pixabay

To make an all-purpose cleaner for all surfaces except for glass, all you need is 3/4 a cup of water, 1/4 a cup of rubbing alcohol, a drop of dish soap and a few drops of an essential oil of your choice. Go for an oil that has a scent you enjoy like peppermint or orange. Mix these ingredients into a spray bottle, shake it up and put it to use.

For a fantastic glass cleaner, mix together two cups of water, two tablespoons of white vinegar, two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and five drops of essential oil with peppermint. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle, shake it up and spray it onto a rag for the best results.

One cup of water with 1/4 cup of white vinegar makes for a fantastic shower cleaner.

To learn more about our luxury apartments for rent in Raleigh, please contact us at The Trestles and schedule a walkthrough.

7 Beauty Tips Will Help Get You Through the Raleigh Summer

There is no denying summertime in Raleigh is hot. Then when heat’s best friend humidity comes to call, some days you want nothing more than to stay inside with the air conditioner running full blast.

beauty tips
A woman making a portrait with her fingersSource: Freedigitalphotos

Instead get out and enjoy all that sunshine by using these simple beauty tips to help keep you looking and feeling fresh:

  • Everyone knows aloe is a “must have” for a sunburn. Try freezing aloe for even more cool soothing relief.
  • Always keep a couple colorful silk scarves on hand for those days when heat and humidity take a toil on your hair.
  • Pick up a pack of oil blotting rice paper sheets to soak up excess facial oil and perspiration.
  • Get rid of those unsightly underarm sweat stains by spraying with lemon juice right before washing.
  • Control summertime frizzies with an old toothbrush. Spray with the styling product of your choice then gently brush the length of the strand.
  • Coloring your hair isn’t cheap. Always use a conditioner with SPF to keep your color from fading.
  • Replace heavy powder blush with a tinted creme blush during the summer months.

Are you looking for a new place to live in Raleigh where you can stretch out and relax is summer? If so, be sure to contact us at the Trestles to take a tour of our community in The Triangle.

Turn Vintage Scarves into Curtains for Your Trestles Home

DIY curtains
Make your own curtains at the Trestles with this DIY tutorial! Source: Pixabay

Why spend the money on new curtains for the bay windows of your apartments in Raleigh, when you can make DIY curtains? Your vintage scarves are perfect for creating stylish curtains for your apartment.


  • Eight to ten vintage scarves of the same width.
  • Dressmaker pins.
  • Sewing machine, with needs at a size of eight, nine and ten.
  • Clip rings to hang scarves.


  • Lay one scarf right side up on the table, with the second scarf face down on top of it.
  • Pin the scarves together along one edge and sew that edge together, leaving about 1/8 seam allowance.
  • Remove the dressmaker pins and make sure you did not miss a spot when sewing. You can always go back and add the stitches.
  • Lay the last sewn scarf right side up, placing your third scarf on top of it. Pin them together along one edge and sew that edge. Repeat this process for all additional scarves.
  • Use clip rings to hang up your new curtain of scarves.

Once you create your own curtains from vintage scarves, share your snapshots on Trestles Apartments’ Facebook page. And to learn more about our apartments in Raleigh, be sure to contact us to schedule a tour of the Trestles.

Learn How to Decorate Your Patio with These Tips

The Trestles is an apartment community that has patios as one of the apartment features. For those who have never had an outdoor space before, this is your chance to create a sanctuary. If you’re unsure of what to do, here are some simple tips for decorating your patio.

Source: Pixabay

Choose a theme — Are you looking to bring an air of the classics outdoors? Do you enjoy the rustic settings of a French-influenced country home? Sitting down and nailing down a single theme is essential before you buy furniture and other decor to uplift an apartment. If you don’t know where to begin, look at some design options to get you inspired.

Incorporate relaxing elements – A indoor/outdoor rug can warm up the feel of a patio. Make sure to have seating, a table and items that personalize the space. As long as it’s weather friendly, art is a wonderful addition.

Add greenery by ways of a garden – Even if it’s a single plant, a little greenery goes a long way. Of course, if you’re up to maintaining a jungle, go for it.

Don’t forget lighting – Often, outside is ideal for mood lighting. Think torches, lanterns, fairy lights–anything more on the whimsical side.

If you’re looking for Raleigh apartments that give you the ability to flex your outdoor design skills, contact us at The Trestles. Having a patio will be a treat.

How to Energize Your Next Movie Night

Going out to the movies can break the bank these days. If you want the snacks to go with an evening show, you’re already looking at a good chunk of money. Why not invest that money into a stay-at-home movie night worthy of some awesome memories. Here’s how.

  • Movie Night
    Source: Wikimedia Commons

    Solo or group – What kind of night do you want to have? Do you want one that has you alone with some Kleenex or your favorite guilty pleasure, or do you want a group of your favorite movie pals to join? For the latter, send an Evite.

  • Pick a flick – Action, romance, drama or comedy? Will it be one movie, or a marathon? These are important questions to ask.
  • Plan a menu – Have a candy tray/bar, drinks and bowls of homemade popcorn. If you’re feeling inspired, make something special, like a sundae bar or caramel popcorn balls.
  • Set up your space – Pull out the blankets, pillows and get the room super comfy. Consider wiring speakers or renting a projector and screen. If you already have a massive flat-screen wired for sound, you’re good to go.
  • Phones off, it’s time for movie night!

For the best in apartment living, contact The Trestles today.