Turn Vintage Scarves into Curtains for Your Trestles Home

DIY curtains
Make your own curtains at the Trestles with this DIY tutorial! Source: Pixabay

Why spend the money on new curtains for the bay windows of your apartments in Raleigh, when you can make DIY curtains? Your vintage scarves are perfect for creating stylish curtains for your apartment.


  • Eight to ten vintage scarves of the same width.
  • Dressmaker pins.
  • Sewing machine, with needs at a size of eight, nine and ten.
  • Clip rings to hang scarves.


  • Lay one scarf right side up on the table, with the second scarf face down on top of it.
  • Pin the scarves together along one edge and sew that edge together, leaving about 1/8 seam allowance.
  • Remove the dressmaker pins and make sure you did not miss a spot when sewing. You can always go back and add the stitches.
  • Lay the last sewn scarf right side up, placing your third scarf on top of it. Pin them together along one edge and sew that edge. Repeat this process for all additional scarves.
  • Use clip rings to hang up your new curtain of scarves.

Once you create your own curtains from vintage scarves, share your snapshots on Trestles Apartments’ Facebook page. And to learn more about our apartments in Raleigh, be sure to contact us to schedule a tour of the Trestles.