The Perfect Modern Decor to Make Any Apartment Feel Like Home

modern decor

Your apartment is your safe haven. It’s your place to rest and recharge. What better way to accomplish apartment-serenity than to incorporate modern decor?

Maybe you’re moving into your first apartment or maybe you’re just looking to update and upgrade your space. Either way, it’s time to create the perfect space for maximum relaxation.

We’ve come up with a few tips and tricks for the perfect way to achieve a modern and comfortable apartment.

Let’s jump in! Or should we say, move in?

Be Open to Open Storage Options

There are a lot of ways to approach the storage problem you may be facing.

When thinking about storage options, and especially the kitchen and bathroom, consider using an open storage plan.

This open storage concept is a trendy and updated way to make the clutter work in your favor. This alternative cabinet approach, if styled and positioned in the right way, can add color and variety to the atmosphere of your room.

Think about all of your cookbooks, mugs, pans, and just about anything else could quickly be turned from clutter to design-forward with an open concept approach.

Let the Light In

It’s time to ditch those basic blinds from the 90’s. A good way to bring a modern and sleek vibe to your space is to add some texture and drama to your windows.

Think about capitalizing on the textile trend by adding ceiling-to-floor curtains. This adds dimension to your space by giving it the appearance of more height. Depending on your apartments theme, you could pick airy sheer curtains that emphasize the ethereal vibe.

If your trend is more dramatic you should opt for heavier, thicker curtains. If thicker curtains are more your speed, tie them back in the middle to give them that dramatic glam touch that makes you feel like you live in a theatre.

If the rest of your space follows one or two color schemes, choose a complimentary statement color for your curtains. This is a great way to tie the whole room together and, if done correctly, can add just the right balance of light and drama to any modern space.

Going Green

In today’s world of modern decor, less is more.

When looking for furniture and accent pieces, try to stick to neutral colors. Two easy colors to pair are black and white. If using this color scheme, think of a ratio of 60-to-40.

If 60 percent of your decor is white and 40 percent is black, your room will give off the appeal of light and airy.

With neutrals as your base decor foundation, incorporate plants and greenery as your accent color. This natural addition of color into your space is a subtle yet striking way to give your space more of a modern feel.

Think of flowers, succulents, and anything green!

Make the Most of Modern Decor

When thinking about redoing your living space or moving into a new one, go in with a game plan. Think of your personal style and how your living space could compliment and emphasize it.

When you’re thinking of relocating, make sure you find an apartment that will align with your modern theme. Think of things like updated appliances, premium amenities, and sleek interiors.

If you’re on the hunt for an apartment that offers all those things, come check us out!

We’d love to discuss floor plans and options for you and your modern apartment. We look forward to hearing from you!

Have fun with your new modern space!

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