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Try Different Ice Cream at Raleigh’s Best Creameries and Parlors

We all have a guilty pleasure or two, and there is one that most of us share – ice cream. Tucking into frosty full-fat dairy products is an indulgence that could actually curb hunger cravings. A scoop of your favorite flavored treat will give your body a dose of nutrients and will even boost your sex drive!

ice cream
Young woman in yellow sweater and sunglasses eating ice creamSource: istockphoto

Now that we’ve made you feel a little better about eating this calcium-rich frozen dessert, why not check out some of the best ice cream parlors in Raleigh?

Cool off and get your sugar fix at the following local businesses:

  • Dairy DepotWake Forest Dairy Depot has been serving ice cream treats since 2012. Custom cakes are available in 60+ flavors, such as Amaretto, Key Lime and Cotton Candy.
  • Sunni Sky’sTuck into homemade ice cream flavors like Fudge, Strawberry Shortcake and Pineapple here.
  • Howling CowThis parlor sells ice cream by the cup and by the pint. Chocolate Chip, Cookies and Cream, Cherry Vanilla, Banana Pudding and Raspberry Sherbert are just a few of the delightful flavors on offer.

The above ice cream parlors in Raleigh are easily accessible from The Trestles Apartments. Contact our team to find out more about our location apartments in Raleigh.